My draft of Anais and the Broken war now stands at 24,600 words.  Approximately 49% of the way, assuming I close at around 50,000 words.  I was hoping to get to 50% before I posted my July update.  But, I didn’t quite make it.

I tried a Freebooksy advertisement on July 15th for Anais of Brightshire.  I had over 1000 downloads.   By far my best day.   I’ve considered trying for a bookbub ad, but they are very exclusive, and I doubt they would take me.   It’s probably worth a try though.

Remember July 25th and July 26th Sweet Scenes will be free free free on Amazon.

My husband and I are listening the audiobook Seveneves.   It will probably take us several months to get through.  We still love it.

I am posting a link to a story I have been following in the news.   The whole thing makes me sick.   It’s about this young woman  (Kimberly Rossler) who was considering giving up her child for adoption.   She changed her mind months before she had the baby and informed both the adoption agency (?) and the prospective adoptive mother and thought she was in the clear.   She gave birth to the baby.  Brought the baby home and cared form him for three weeks.  Apparently she needed to sign some paperwork to withdraw the adoption, but failed to do so, which seems understandable.  Who is thinking clearly in the weeks after childbirth.  Anyway, the sheriff comes to her house (or friend’s house) and takes the baby while she is nursing and gives him to the prospective adoptive mom.   The girl hasn’t seen her baby in weeks.  Ugh.  It’s crazy.  How can this happen in the United States?   Maybe she’s some scammer who was only faking wanting to put her baby up for adoption.  But, still…   A baby isn’t a commodity.  It can’t be bought or sold.   The story is driving me nuts.

My master document for Anais and the Broken War now stands at about 19,600 words.   My intent is to aim for about 50,000 words.   This puts me at about 39% into the first draft.  The book is coming along.  Slowly but surely.

Sweet Scenes, a Flash Fiction Collection is available for pre-order on Amazon for $0.99.  It is a very short collection of stories that have been building up dust on my hard drive.   I had originally intended to give it away for free as a gift when people signed up for my mailing list.  However, I’ve given up on the idea for a mailing list for now.  I looked into using Mailchimp, but I think you have to give away your home address, and I don’t really want to do that.  I’m also not quite ready to get a dedicated PO Box.  So I’m shelving the idea of having a mailing list for now.    If you are interested in getting Sweet Scenes for free, you have two options.  [1] You can email me at and I will email you a copy as either a .mobi or .epub.  You can consider it an ARC (advanced review copy), however I know writing reviews is a pain, so if you don’t want to write a review I’m cool with that.  [2]  I will make it free on Amazon on the following dates July 25, 2015, July 26, 2015, August 1, 2015, August 2, 2015, and September 1, 2015.

I am currently reading Seveneves by Neil Stephenson.  It’s amazing!

My master document for Anais and the Broken War now stands at about 14,000 words.   My intent is to aim for about 50,000 words.   This puts me at about 28% into the first draft.

Book Recommendation – The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic.  I highly recommend this book.  I loved it!

Podcast Recommendation – Storywonk.   Their many podcasts (dusted, the scot and the sassinak, journeyman writer, etc.) are godsends.   I highly recommend.

Upcoming discounts –  Anais of the Stolen Road will be free on Amazon – May 19 – May 23.  Anais of Gable’s House will be discounted ($0.99) on Amazon (US and UK) – May 19 – May 26.

Other Stuff – I want to try to figure out how to set up a mailing list.  They seem to be all the rage these days.  I think it can be done easily with the paid version of a wordpress account.  But I haven’t figured out how to accomplish this with the free wordpress account.   Any advice would be welcome.

I’m 9200 words into Anais and the Broken War.

Anais of the Protector’s Path is on sale as a kindle countdown deal for the next few days, so take advantage if you haven’t bought it yet.  I’m also running a fiverr bknights promo.  It has helped me give away a lot of copies of Anais of Brightshire, and I hope it translates to sales of the other books eventually.  Fingers crossed.  I also have a promo coming up with manybooks on April 20th.  I am going to try to put more effort into promotions.

My computer crashed while I was finishing up Anais of the Protector’s Path, and I found some amusing flash fiction (unrelated to the Blood Mage Chronicles) I wrote ages ago and some scenes related to the Blood Mage Chronicles that I couldn’t include because they were from other character’s POVs.   I am considering putting out a little collection of these scenes.  I’ll make it really cheap and do free days as frequently as I can.   I will keep you guys updated.


I think that I am most motivated to write when I am terrified.  I’m a slow writer either way.  But I feel particularly unnerved tonight.   I’m 7100+ words in to Anais and the Broken War.  I think I have a slim shot of finishing this year, especially if awful things keep happening to me.

Upcoming Promotions

Anais of Gable’s House will be on sale from March 14th to March 21st on Amazon’s US and UK websites.  My apologies to those of you located in different regions.

Anais of the Stolen Road is free from March 13th to March 17th.

Anais and the Broken War

4635 words as of this morning.  Slow but steady.   I would post but I’m working on Chapters 2 and 3 at the same time.   Ugh.  Are there people out there that write in a perfectly linear fashion.  If so, I envy them.  I’m constantly moving all over the document.  This is why I broke up the books in little chunks and published.  If I hadn’t I would still be tweaking Chapter 1 of Anais of Brightshire.

Revised Editions

So I spent some time familiarizing myself with scrivener and redoing Anais of Brightshire.   I fixed some grammatical errors and tried to improve the formatting.  I uploaded my document onto KDP and it looked nice in the previewer.  I republished.  And the changes didn’t take.   I have no idea what happened.  Amazon sent me an email saying the updates went through.  But they clearly didn’t.   I’m going to have to press the dreaded Contact Us button and hope for the best.   Sigh.

I wish I had more time.  The words are flowing like water during the few moments I give myself to write.  It’s painful have a story and have no time to write it.   Chapter 1 is in the bag.   Chapter two is in progress.

Anais of the Protector’s Path – Kindle Countdown Deal – February 19th-26th 

The price will be $0.99 from Feb. 19 – Feb.22 and then at 4PM EST on February 22nd the price will increase to $1.99 for the remainder of the countdown deal.

2015 Revised Editions

I’m working on revised editions of all of my books.  I am doing another sweep for obvious errors in grammar and I am moving my books from Microsoft Word into Scrivener.  I am going to try to improve the formatting by making my own .mobi file.  I may fail.  We shall see.

Anais and the Broken War

Work on book 5 has been slow so far.  See below for a little snippet.  I’ll try to give you guys little snapshots from time to time.  And I will have to remember to remove them before I publish.

Four of us sat around the large round table in the council chambers, while Gorman, the captain of the city guard, paced the floor. I stared at a groove in the table, tracing it with the tip of my finger. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to do. We were in a world of trouble, and I couldn’t see a way out.

Cedric comforted Mediera, who cried softly into a kerchief. She kept glancing at Colin Pendragon’s slayed body, which lay crumpled in the corner of the room. To be fair, I think we were all stealing glances in that direction, as we tried to come to terms with Colin’s demise.

I couldn’t help but remember Thomas’s letter. He had said that Colin Pendragon was critical to Barriershire’s survival. It was his leadership that was holding the war together. How would we manage without him?

“Why is he here?” Mediera sniffed, her eyes turning to Fynn. “I don’t see how an artist can help us. We need a strategy not a painting.”

“It does seem unnecessary,” Cedric agreed, although he sounded uncertain. “We should probably keep this as quiet as possible.”

“He’s here because I asked him to join us,” Gorman countered as he continued to pace back and forth. He was the only one of us who had any real chance of fixing the problem, and I expected both Cedric and Mediera were well aware that they ought to listen to any request he made.

“I could leave,” Fynn offered, clearly more than willing to flee this sinking ship.

“No,” Gorman said, catching his arm. “Don’t leave. I haven’t figured this out yet.”

“Oh sweet sisters. What are we going to do?” Mediera moaned.  “Can we pass it off as an accident? Or can we say he’s sick or something and not permitting visitors.”

“I don’t think we can pretend he’s still alive. He’s much too active of a leader,” Gorman said. “It won’t work.”

“You said Lord Pendragon sent an assassin to kill Lady Mediera. What happened to him?”

“He escaped,” I murmured.

“Did you recognize him?” Gorman asked.

I looked away without answering him.

“I feel sick,” Mediera moaned. “I think I need to lie down. Can we discuss this in the morning?”

Gorman’s jaw tightened. “It’s morning already. The sun is up.”

“I can’t think about this right now,” Mediera moaned. “Can’t you just take care of it? That’s why we brought you here.”

“She just needs to rest. This has been extremely trying for her,” Cedric added quickly. “We know we need you.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Go to your room. Rest and collect yourself. But, this can’t wait too long. We have to come up with a plan. And I can’t do it on my own. I will need both of you.”

“I understand. I’ll escort her to her bedchamber,” Cedric offered. “We’ll be back after she sleeps.”

After Mediera and Cedric stepped out the room, Gorman turned his glare on me.

“What happened, Anais?” Gorman asked. “I don’t understand how you allowed this travesty to occur. We needed Colin Pendragon alive.”

I took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of my nose with my fingers. “The fat man tried to make me kill Lady Mediera. Apparently, Colin wanted her out of the way.”

“If he ordered you to do it, why isn’t she dead?” Gorman asked. “That seems like a simple enough request.”

“I didn’t want to kill her. She’s my friend.”

“Wait,” Fynn said. “The fat man doesn’t make polite requests. He sends orders. How the shyte were you able to overpower him? It’s not possible. I’ve tried to push him out of my mind. He does like to drop in at the most inconvenient times, but I’ve never been able to do anything about it. How did you even try to fight him?”

I shrugged. Both Gorman and Fynn were staring at me, waiting for some explanation that made sense. I had to say something. The truth was unbelievable and terrible. But I had no substitute.

“Magic,” I stumbled.   “I can use blood magic.”

“Really?” Fynn asked.

“Even if we accept that you have some skill, are you to have us believe that you’re stronger than the fat man?” Gorman asked. “I can’t fathom that as a reality.”

I sighed. “Look, do you want me to finish telling you what happened, or do you just want to refute me?”


I checked Amazon, and was pleased to see that Anais of the Protector’s Path is available.  Yay!  I hope you guys enjoy the story.  I loved writing it.   I am pricing it at $0.99 for now, but I do plan to increase the price to $2.99 in a few weeks.  I figure that if you were interested enough to find it in the first few weeks, you deserve a good price.

Now, more importantly, I get to start working on Book 5.

Happy New Years!!

I just pressed the submit button on Amazon.  Making the formatting look okay is a nightmare.  Although I have been hiring a cover artist and an editor, I have been doing the dirty work formatting myself.  It was painful.  I hope it looks okay.   I do not love Microsoft Word right now.

It should be about 12 – 24 hours before the book is available.  That is usually how it goes with Amazon.  Pretty reasonable I think.  I am going to crash into sleep now.  I hope you guys like the book.  Good Night.


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